one of the biggest Supplier Company of Agricultural Products, Organic Products, Condiments, Spices, and Seasonings in Indonesia


PT. NIRWANA LAN AGROTEK is a company which was established on 21 November 2017, engaged in Consultant, Materials Agriculture, Agent, Supplier, Distributor. At the beginning of its establishment, PT. NIRWANA LAN AGROTEK focuses more on working of Material Agriculture, Agent, Supplier, Distributor in state-owned companies and regional government projects. It is in line with the development of the company, in the future, PT. NIRWANA LAN AGROTEK will begin to develop business expansion and partner with contractor companies, distributors, suppliers of agricultural and plantation industrial goods.

In the era of globalization and technology advances, economic and industrial that require efficient and effective work mobility, PT. NIRWANA LAN AGROTEK is ready to assist in providing trading consultant services, suppliers of agricultural and plantation industrial needs, and we are also ready to compete in a healthy and tight with other companies which engaged in the same sector to be able to supply the needs of company partners. We always emphasize on the quality of supply, guaranteed originality. So that we are ready for long-term collaboration and mutually beneficial cooperation by providing the best services, optimalization in maintaining trust and satisfaction to supply the goods needed by customers or partners.


  1. Go ahead and develop as a Consultant, Material company Agriculture, Agent, Supplier, Distributor Bio Fertilizer, Agriculture Equipment, Bio Pesticides, Fungicides and Herbicides that can supply partners’ demand for the procurement of industrial goods, agricultural, and plantation needs that can be obtained efficiently, effectively, and continuously. Also maintaining and improving the quality and quantity of services and goods needed.
  2. Being the forefront as a Consultant, Agricultural Material company, Agent, Supplier, Distributor of Bio Fertilizer, Agriculture Equipment, Bio Pesticides, Fungicides and Herbicides by giving the best satisfaction value for customers or partners through services and products quality.


  1. Starting the opportunities and productive efforts to help Indonesia’s economy, especially the Riau Islands.
  2. Holding a mutually beneficial cooperation between Producers, Distributors, Agents, Suppliers and Consumers.
  3. Improving of optimal results, maintaining customer confidence and make satisfying of customers in terms of service, quality and quantity goods needed.


Address : Jl. Wiratno No. 66, Kp. Baru, West Tanjungpinang,  Tanjungpinang City, Riau Islands, Indonesia (29112)

Phone or WhatsApp : +62-81-270-0056-68 / +62-85-156-2636-59

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